Job Description:

  • Write codes to create and improve e-commerce/media websites and mobile applications.
  • Test and modify systems and servers to ensure that they operate reliably.
  • Plan and conduct A/B testing and collaborate with product and marketing team to interpret user behaviors objectively.
  • Fully commit to promised outcome and timeline. Anticipate risks and problems and solve them proactively and immediately.
  • Progress multiple tasks and discussions simultaneously to achieve results fast and accurately. Communicate with management and stakeholders timely and professionally.
  • Prepare operating manuals and train internal users.


  • Able to use English fluently
  • Great at programing in PHP, Java and Swift
  • Understand the basic level of Object Oriented Programming
  • Geek and eager to learn get knowledge and know new technology
  • Experienced in e-commerce and media development and operations
  • At least two year work experience with excellent performance and reputation
  • Keep promises and own strong principle and commitment to achieve goals
  • Have knowledge of (system Linux) server management or network management
  • Experienced in investment and development of large-scale web applications
  • Experienced in screen designing of consumer web applications
  • Management / leadership experience in system development
  • Have experience in customizing open source software (e.g. Wordpress, Magento)
  • Have knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Git and jQuery
  • Strong leadership, time management and problem solving skills
  • Good at controlling your own emotions and understanding other people‚Äôs emotions
  • Open minded and enjoy helping people